Access Control System

Only the features you need
Different users have different demands on an access control system. An access control system can offer a suite of many features but you are likely to use only some of them and want to pay for only what you need.

Rigid pricing of some systems makes you pay for features that you do not require. We believe as your business requirements change over time as you grow, so should the solution we provide. Our flexible licensing model means you can add functionality as you need.

Round the clock on-site response
Unlike other sub-systems handled by a security team, Access Control is one when a fault occurs, requires urgent attention to resolve. 

A door unknowingly got into a ‘free’ mode – any stranger can enter.
An employee leaving the office late at night and gets trapped because the door will not open.
An ex-employee re-uses an old code to enter your premise.

Not only do we install, we have a standby team operating 24/7 that can respond to emergencies that happen in your operation.