Public Address System

Public Address System by Bosch
We have more than 30 years of experience installing Bosch Public Address Systems for and maintaining numerous buildings – hospitals, shopping malls, government agencies, hotels. We work with builders, electrical contractors, and building owners. Contact us for more details. 


Long Range Accoustic Communication Devices by Ultra Electronics
The lightest and loudest mass notification speakers on the market, with outstanding speech clarity with an average Speech Transmission Index* (STI) rating of 0.85 out of 1.0. Due to this ability to transmit human voice messages over long distance at great clarity, these speakers are the solution for PA professionals to design and build a project with fewer number of speakers versus traditional speakers for a given site, thereby saving costs in cabling, installation and maintenance.

*The closer the STI value approaches zero, the more information is lost. STI of 1 means perfectly intelligible speech.

360°  mass notification, water-proof speaker
118 dB SPL peak acoustic output
Wide frequency range: 175 Hz - 8 kHz optimized for human voice
STI: 0.84 out of 1.0 
More than 2km in range
360° mass notification, indoor speaker
113 - 119 dB depending on tap setting
Wide frequency range: 500 Hz - 5 kHz 
Up to 280m
TCPA- Directional
Directional indoor and outdoor speaker
128 - 136 dB depending on tap setting
Wide frequency range: 425 Hz - 8 kHz 
STI: 0.85 out of 1.0 
Up to 1994m

Speaker Quantity Reduction Case Study for an Automotive Assembly Plant



  • One of the world’s largest automotive companies needed an update to their emergency evacuation systems. 
  • The project was originally quoted with 700 units of 15 Watt horn speakers.
  • Ultra Electronics’ HyperSpike was able to quote the project with 15 units of MA-Micros.


Because the customer chose HyperSpike speakers over our competition the customer was able to:

  • Increase speech intelligibility because the project required less speakers.
  • Have less manufacturing interference because significantly few speakers needed to be installed.
  • Saved over US$1,000,000 in installation cost because lesser labour & wiring were needed.